Jufex Forte Pet Liquid 100ml

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Jufex Forte Pet Liquid: An Upgraded Version for Pet’s Tough Cough Management !!

Jufex forte pet liquid is a polyherbal formulation to combat respiratory tract infections of viral origin. Jufex forte pet liquid is a special formula for all ages and breeds.

Jufex forte pet liquid is a comprehensive therapy that helps ease breathing, combats respiratory allergies, provides significant relief in chest congestion, cough, and irritation


  • Combats Respiratory Tract Infection Of Viral Origin  : Reduces virus yield in the lungs -JUFA & MULETHI 
  • Relieves Laryngitis & Pharyngitis : Inhibits microbial growth and reduces inflammation -TULSI & KAKRASINGHI
  •  Enhances Bioavailability : Increase bioavailability of the drugs by promoting rapid absorption from gastrointestinal tract or by protecting drug from metabolism/oxidation. 
  •  Soothes Sore Throat :Soothes inflamed mucosa and tonifies tracheal tree with soothing agents- HONEY, PEPPERMINT, AND ANJEER


Exclusive Benefits  : 

  • Provides soothing mucolytics expectorant action, relieves tough cough.
  • Non-narcotic and non-sedative action.
  • Completely natural bronchodilator effect.
  • Reduces inflammation of the respiratory tract.
  • Completely safe to use.


Indications : 

  • Infective cough
  • Allergic cough
  • Productive cough
  • Sore throat
  • as directed by Veterinarian.


Ingredients  : 

  • JUFA & MULETHI:  Reduces virus yield in the lungs
  • TULSI & KAKRASINGHI:  Inhibits microbial growth and reduces
  • HONEY, PEPPERMINT, AND ANJEER: Soothes inflamed mucosa and tonifies tracheal tree by soothing agent-



Dosage  : 

  • Kittens:     2.5ml three times a day
  • Cats:         5ml three times a day

Dogs     :     

  • Puppies & small breeds:     5ml three times a day
  • Dogs:     10ml three times a day or as directed by the veterinarian




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