AIMIL Amheal Vet Spray 75ml

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Ayurvedic Medicine


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Amheal Vet Spray: “A Natural Broad Spectrum Topical Spray”

Amheal Vet Spray is enriched with 6 natural oils & 4 extracts. 

It possess anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic & wound-healing properties.

It exerts fly-repellent properties due to the presence of citronella oil.

Ingredients :

  • Exhibits Antimicrobial properties- Devdaru & Cheed
  • Exhibits Antifungal properties- Lahsun
  • Exhibits Anti-inflammatory properties- Neem & Nilgiri
  • Exhibits Anti-septic properties- Haridra
  • Exhibits Wound healing properties- Neem & Lahsun
  • Relieve itching and provide moisture- Tulsi Oil


Indications :

  • Infected or non-infected wounds
  • Maggoted wounds
  • Bacterial and fungal infections like Pyoderma, Ringworm
  • Food lesions in F.M.D, foot rot in sheep
  • Yoke & Rope Gall, Pox lesions
  • Degnala
  • All other types of wounds

Or as Directed by the Veterinarian


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