AIMIL Dermacharge Vet Powder 100gm

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Dermacharge Vet Powder: A Potent Phyto Mineral and Broad- spectrum Herbal Drug combination for Skin and Coat conditions


Dermacharge Vet Powder is a potent phtytomineral broad-spectrum Herbal drug combination for skin & coat conditions. 

Helps to check Ticks, Fleas, and Lice and helps them keep them away.

Dermacharge Vet Powder has bactericidal and fungicidal properties and helps heal & repair damaged skin.

 Exclusive Benefits :

  • Checks Ticks, Fleas & Lice and keeps them away.
  • Anti-inflammatory and prevents dermatitis.
  • Shows excellent anti-microbial effects as bactericidal and fungicidal action.
  • Suppress Dermatophytic action.
  • Being Multi-ingredients prevents the chances of microbial resistance 

Indications :

  • Ecto-parasitic infestations like ticks, fleas, lice & mites
  • Fungal infections 
  • Itching (Prutitis )
  • Dermatitis
  • Skin irritations & inflammation
  • Poor Skin conditions/disorders
  • Topical bacterial infections


Directions for Usage :

  • Sufficient quantity to be dusted over the affected area in animal and gently rub on the skin twice or thrice a day.

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