Aimil Neeri Pet Liquid 200 ml

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Neeri Pet Liquid:  A Combination of Vital Herbs for Correcting and Protecting Kidney and its Functions Naturally.  


Neeri Pet Liquid is a combination of vital herbs for correcting and protecting the kidney and its functions naturally.

It helps in preventing U.T.I. infections and acts as a potent Lithotripter.

It helps to normalize the deviated functioning of Kidneys either due to metabolism or chronic infection or due to any other cause.

Provides citrates & biomolecules for healthier & clear urine formation.

Acts potent anti-oxidant & rejuvenator, thereby acts nephron-protective.


Exclusive Benefits  :

  • A Multi-Dimensional Natural Lithotripter
  • Relieves signs and symptoms of U.T.I.
  • Soothes the urinary tract and maintains the urinary pH.
  • Protects the kidney and its functions.
  • Helps prevent the recurrence in U.T.I. & urinary stones.
  • Urinary antiseptic & Diuretic.
  • Reduces residual urinary retention
  • Improves body defense mechanism
  • Sugar-free formula

Indications :

  • Urinary deposits/stones
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Recurrent calculi
  • Recurrent UTI
  • Dysuria
  • Supportive therapy in kidney dysfunction

Dosage :

  • CATS

    5ml twice a day
  • DOGS

    5-10ml twice a day

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