Aimil Neeri Vet Syrup (P)

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Neeri Vet Syrup  A Comprehensive Natural formula for UTI & Urinary problems

  • A comprehensive natural formula for UTI & Urinary problems
  • For Safe, Effective & Long Lasting Approach
  • Prevents kidney damage and rejuvenate nephrons

A Natural Kidney function toner acting gently on Kidneys

Neeri vet Syrup helps to regulate the flushing of kidneys and urinary tract for optimum renal functioning.

Phyto-constituents like Piper cubeba, Mimosa pudica, and Tribulus Terrestris exert excellent anti-microbial effects against various gram-positive and negative bacteria.

Neeri vet acts as a potent nephroprotective, anti-oxidant, and diuretic and acts as a soothing agent. It inhibits enzyme-induced gout.


  • ACTS AS POTENT URICOSURIC AGENT: Regulates excretion of excess uric acid and prevents deposition of urates in joints and soft tissues. 
  • A POTENT DIURETIC: Shows balanced diuresis, and helps in the excretion of mineral deposits. 
  • ACTS AS NEPHROPROTECTIVE: Neeri's vital herbs have significant anti-oxidant & rejuvenating activities thereby acting as Nephroprotective 
  • PROPELS Out URIC ACID & Flushes: 



  • ACTS AS ANTI-MICROBIAL: Various phytoconstituents like nitrates, and arbutin derivatives, present in various components of Neeri exert a broad spectrum anti-microbial effect. 
  • ACTS AS ANTI-VIRAL: Neeri has various anti-viral herbs that strengthen the immune system and are highly efficacious for fighting common viral infections. 
  • ACTS AS AN ALKALIZER: A unique herbs mix, NEERI, shows marked alkalizing properties by normalizing the urinary pH. 
  • ACTS AS A SOOTHING AGENT: Neeri, by virtue of its vital herbs, reduces spasm & inflammation of varied etiology, thus soothing urinary mucosa.

Indications :

  • Visceral /articular gout
  • Nephritis
  • Ascites
  • IBD (infectious bursal disease)
  • Urinary deposits
  • Nephrotoxicity induced by antibiotics and environmental factors.

Dosage of Neeri Vet Syrup 




5 ml -10 ml per 100 birds


10 ml - 15 ml per 100 birds 

Layers 15 ml - 20 ml per 100 birds
Broilers - from 0-5 weeks

10 ml - 20 ml per 100 birds

  - from 5 weeks onwards        

20 ml - 25 ml per 100 birds


20 ml - 40 ml per 100 birds

Safety of Neeri vet syrup 

The products have been found clinically safe in short or long-term usage in therapeutic dosage under medical supervision

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