Aimil Amycordial Vet Syrup (P)

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Ayurvedic Medicine


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Amycordial Vet Syrup (Poultry) A Non-hormonal Safe And Comprehensive Approach 


Unique Salient Features of Amycordial Vet Syrup (Poultry)

• Helps to optimize egg production and egg size.
• Optimizes fertility, hatchability & chick quality.
• Reduces chances of uterine infections.
• Improves underdeveloped genitalia & brings sexual maturity.
• Regulates ovarian function.
• Improves conception rate.


    Indications for Amycordial Vet Syrup (Poultry)

    • Retarded or sustained egg production.
    • Non-specific egg-bound condition.
    • Prolapse of uterus
    • Delayed Maturity
    • Poor Hatchability


        Dosage of Amycordial Vet Syrup (Poultry)


        PER DAY

        Pre laying stage:

        15ml-20ml per 100 birds Per Day


        20ml-30ml per 100 birds Per Day


        Safety of Amycordial vet syrup (Poultry)

        The products have been found clinically safe in short or long-term usage in therapeutic dosage under medical supervision


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